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As one of the core members of BD Group, Yinchuan University Education Group has integrated the educational resources under the flag of BD Group and undertaken the investment and management of BD Group's culture and education industry.

Yinchuan University Education Group consists of Yinchuan University of Energy, Vocational Skill Testing Authority of Yinchuan University, Automobile Drivers Training School of Yinchuan University Education Group, and Automobile Repair Plant of Yinchuan University Education Group, etc.

At present, the education group has initially formed a modern integrated cultural and educational industry system of higher education, vocational education, enterprise training, skill training and authentication, experimental training and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Yinchuan University, subordinate unit of the Group, is a university whose total number of students got at 20,000 in 2017.



Top 50 colleges and universities for the achievement in the typical and experienced employment affairs of graduates

Yinchuan University was founded in October 1999, and officially approved by the Ministry of Education and upgraded to an undergraduate college in March 2012. In May 18, 2016, the Academic Degrees Committee of Ningxia Autonomous Region added it to the roll of those institutions owning a grant of bachelor's degree.

After nearly twenty years of rapid development, Yinchuan University has formed a multidisciplinary, multi-major and multi-level pattern of education which focuses on science, and also covers literature, management, economics, agriculture, law and others. There are 27 undergraduate majors, 33 higher vocational majors, 4 typical and advantageous undergraduate majors at the autonomous region level, and 4 key demonstration majors of higher vocational college at an autonomous region level.

Yinchuan University enrolls new students from 30 provinces (cities and districts) and has 20,000 full-time students now. There are more than 200 international students from 17 countries, including Morocco, Kuwait, Egypt, Garner, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sultan and other countries.

Yinchuan University was rated as Top 50 colleges and universities for the achievement in the typical and experienced employment affairs of graduates by the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, the university was also rated as "the advanced national unit of the social practicing activities of the college volunteers in Volunteer Activities for the Country People” by the propaganda Department of the CPC and the Ministry of Education and Central Spirit Civilization Office. Yinchuan University was honored as "Yinchuan civilized institution" twice, "Special Contribution Award for Economic Construction of Yinchuan" and "National Excellence Award for Educational Reform and Innovation" in 2015.


“Yinchuan-Erdos-Yulin”-Golden Triangle Training base for resource exploitation talents

Binhe Campus of Yinchuan University is located on the east side of the international science and education town in Binhe New District of Yinchuan. The total construction project is planned to cover an area of 450,000 square meters (about 672 acres).

The university is planned to serve as an undergraduate-level university, and has set up 10 secondary departments, such as School of Business, School of Foreign Languages, School of Law, School of Humanities, School of Preschool Education, School of Health Management, School of Design and Art college, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education, and Training Center. The amount of undergraduates and higher vocational students is 6,000, and there are 4,000 periodical training students.

Binhe New District is the core area of the experimentation area in open inland economy in Ningxia. It is a new space, as well as a new carrier that enhances the future development of Yinchuan and "Yinchuan-Ordos-Yulin” Energy Golden Triangle life service supporting facilities.

The construction of Binhe Campus serves for cultivating practical energy-chemical undergraduate talents who are urgently needed in the national energy chemical base and the development of Ningxia's economy. It also brings opportunities for the future development of Yinchuan University.