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The Financial Holding Industrial Group is a subsidiary wholly owned and set up by BD Group to assist in the development of entities, to promote the integration of industry and finance, to coordinate capital operations, and to optimize investment and financing structure, as well as to strengthen financial risk management.

The financial company, listed company BD Industry Co., Ltd., and Shihua Financial Leasing Company of BD Group are playing a significant role in providing effective support for the Group to achieve strategic transformation and enhance its overall strength.

Financial Holding Group will build a number of listed companies in the domestic and foreign capital markets by adopting IPO, acquisitions, and major asset reorganizations and other ways, in order to actualize asset securitization of the core industries of the Group, which will support the long-term and sound development of these industries.

Based on the analysis of the macroeconomic environment, the operating characteristics and development stage of BD Group's core industries, Financial Holding Group created a reasonable asset and liability system, established and improved the financing channels and financing capabilities,improved the level of internal capital management, increased the efficiency of capital using, and ensured the capital demand of development of core industries.

Sticking to the principle of “To know the Do’s and Don’ts”, the Group waill comprehensively analyze the portfolio strategy, cash flow, and investment return, formulate a portfolio strategy, and adjust and optimize the asset portfolio through a series of measures including asset disposal and investment optimization, and decisively focus on strategic industries with promising development to achieve the long-term and steady development.



Capital Operation Platform Construct a number of listed companies,
the momentous capital operation of listed companies,
and the market value management.


The Platform Of The Accommodation Of Funds Asset liability structure management,
capital management,
equity and bond financing.


Assets Management Platform Development of portfolio strategy,
portfolio management,
management after investment.



The first finance company in Ningxia


A-share listed corporation: Stock code 000595



Internet plus finance: new industry format


BD Petrochemical Group Finance Co., Ltd. was established on April 8, 2016 with the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and officially announced its opening. As the first finance company in Ningxia, it had been supervised by the China Banking Regulatory Commission together with commercial bank. It is the Group’s core financial company and financial service platform which customizes suitable and exact financial products for its member units, as well as provides comprehensive financial support, makes great contribution to the adjustment to the Group’s industrial structure, integration of industry and finance, and circulation of funds.

BD Industry Co., Ltd. (A-share code: 000595), as the backbone of the national bearing industry, is the largest specialized bearing manufacturer in western China. In 2011, BD Group restructured Xibei Bearing and invested heavily in establishing high-end bearing industrial bases, with a strong bearing industry as the main line, targeting at strategic emerging industries such as rail transportation bearings, military bearings, petroleum machinery and other high-end bearings, and capturing the peak of technology and market .The company can produce more than 6,000 types of bearings which have outer diameters ranging from 40 mm to 4,000 mm in accordance with international standard. Its products are widely used in petroleum machine, metallurgy rolling machine, heavy-load vehicles, engineering machine, mining machine, and precise motors and so on. In 2006, the company's "NXZ" brand was recognized as a well-known trademark in China. And in 2008, it obtained the qualification of national export exempting from inspection. And its customers are distributed across the country and its products are exported to over 50 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa.

In September 2017, the “New Type Axle Box Bearing Project in Urban Rail Transit” of BD Industry passed the assessment in the expert review and ended the history of full dependence on the imported urban rail transit bearings. And it became the first domestic R&D manufacturing company which had qualification for mass production and supply of rail transit bearings.

Established in 2013, Shihua Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture specialized in financing leasing, initiated by BD Group and approved by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. It is committed to provide new financial products and better services for the investors from various institutions, including banks, security companies, trust companies, finance companies, funds companies and so on.

By joining hands with four well-known large companies, China Ocean Group, Giant Group, Macrolink Group and Huiyuan Industry, BD Group has panned and established the Internet insurance companies which will make great difference to the entire financial system through widespread promotion and application of new concepts and new technologies such as Internet technology, big data and cloud computing led by the conception of "Internet plus".