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The Investment Holding Group takes BD Investment Holding Co., Ltd. as its main operating body and covers non-core businesses such as ecology, real estate business, resources, equipment manufacturing, and commercial trading. By managing more than a hundred entities, the group developed a significant scale. Meanwhile, by focusing on assets investment operation and obtaining market shares, the group maximizes the integration degree of various resources. The new non-core businesses are principally developed with the investment of BD Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and achieve capital appreciation through assets securitization, which is recognized as the “BD Industry’s own PE”, “the incubator of the BD industry”, and the “booster of BD Industry’s capital”.


The mineral resources have a capacity of 267 million tons of oil reserves, a total of about 16 billion tons of coal reserves, 168 million tons of electric limestone reserves, 51,082,300 tons of cement limestone reserves, 273 million tons of oil shale ore, and 78.01 million tons of shale oil reserves.


Ningxia BD Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first chemical equipment manufacturing enterprise in Ningxia that has obtained the A1A2 manufacturing permission for pressure vessels issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, and has Class-D design qualifications for pressure vessels and pipe installation qualifications for chemical and petroleum equipment. The chemical equipment designing and research institute and the chemical equipment installation company are set up and developed a complete industrial chain including research and development, design, manufacture and installation. Besides, the enterprise has manufactured hydrogenation reactor which is the first high-end container in Ningxia, with settlement of the oil field associated gas recovery and utilization device designed and manufactured in Kazakhstan, and the wide use of the alkylation reactor device by petrochemical enterprises in Shandong province and Inner Mongolia.


It owns Yinchuan BD Hotel, Huanghe Mingzhu Hotel, Zhuhai BD Mingzhu Hotel, Erenhot Guomeng Hotel and office buildings in Beijing, Ningxia, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.



Committed itself to the development of various industries like agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, ecotourism, tourism, leisure and entertainment, healthy old-age care, and wetland conservation and management, the BD eco-industry actively implements the comprehensive ecological improvement and construction of ecological wetlands, forests, and animal husbandry system in the area around the production base to achieve the joint development of the ecological protection industry system. Besides, the development of livestock husbandry and wetland conservation which is forest-based are also promoted through "three lakes, one forest, one wood" industrial carbon emissions replacement system and integrated management of grass and forest in agriculture and animal husbandry economy.

In agriculture, the Group has set a target for developing the large-scale agriculture of "10 million acres of forest land” in the coming few years. Being integrated with the existing 100,000-acre-jujube-forest project, the Group started the first batch of 100,000-acre-woodland cooperative project in Yihuang of Jiangxi Province and the second batch of 200,000-acre-woodland project is under preparation. Jiangxi branch company is already registered, which promotes the implementation of "large-scale agriculture” and "large-scale forestry" strategy. Meanwhile, the docking work for the cooperation project of 100,000-acre land in Gansu is under active preparation.