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Petrochemical Industrial Group, whose main operating body is Ningxia BD Petrochemical Co., Ltd. specializes in petroleum refining, petrochemicals, oil sales and warehousing trade. The one-off processing capacity of crude oil is 12.5 million tons, among which the annual one-off processing capacity of the base in Ningxia is 7.5 million tons, and the secondary processing capacity is 2.8 million tons; besides, the one-off processing capacity is 5 million tons in the base of Xinjiang. The planning one-off processing capacity of the whole Group is 15.5 million tons. By obtaining the quotas and permission in the import of crude oil from both of the National Development & Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce, and the permission and qualification for the access to the imported crude oil, for the trade of international crude oil, for refined oil wholesale and import of fuel oil, BD Group is the only domestic private refinery enterprise who holds all the “Five Qualifications” from the authority.

  • Ningxia
  • Xinjiang
  • Zhuhai
  • Beijing

Ningxia Production Base

There are 7 subsidiaries in the Ningxia production base, including Ningdong BD Energy Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Ningxia, Yinchuan BD Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., Ningdong BD Chemicals Additives Co., Ltd. of Ningxia, the BD Oil and Gas Sales Co., Ltd. of Ningxia, Ningxia Clean Energy Development Co., Ltd., Lingzhou Branch of Transportation Co., Ltd. of Ningxia, Lingzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of Ningxia, and Lingdong BD Hotel Co., Ltd. of Ningxia. Meanwhile, there are 112 gas filling stations, 3 railroad hazardous cargo connection and unloading qualification lines, 157 hazardous chemical transport vehicles; besides some advantageous human resources teams such as professional supply management companies and sales management companies. The storage capacity of crude oil and refined oil of this base is more than 1.3 million cubic meters, including 500,000 tons of national-level commercial oil reserves. The 1.2 million tons of PTA and 800,000 tons of PX projects under preparation would be the center base of the industrial restructuring and raw materials of light textile in the whole Ningxia.

Xinjiang Production Base

Based on the platform of Central Asia, especially the Sino-Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline and the thick oil in Xinjiang, the Kuitun production base in Yili Prefecture is a base which primarily deals in processing thick oil, and meanwhile the oil-electricity integrated olefins and aromatic hydrocarbon production are also covered in its progressing business.

The main operating company of Kuishan production base in Xinjiang is Kuishan BD Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which is located in the Dushanzi Economic and Technological Development Zone in Kuitun. The 8-million-ton thick oil-to-oil olefins, oil-coal co-refining and resources integration and utilization project under preparation is a key construction project which is approved by the authority of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and archived by the National Development and Reform Commission. The first 5 million-ton raw material pre-disposal equipment and 2x350MW power plant have been completed primarily.

Zhuhai Production Base

Based on abundant international fuel oil resources, Zhuhai production base in Guangdong takes advantage of the owned port, railway, and pipage to carry out the construction of jet fuel and olefin production bases for thick oil processing. It has a processing capacity of 2.5 million tons per year in the first phase, and 1 million tons per year in the second phase. There are several storage centers in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangdong (eastern, western, and northern Guangdong Province), Hunan, and southern Anhui; a marine liquid chemical terminal with a handing capacity of 3.45 million tons and a dedicated railway line with an annual handing capacity of 6 million tons are in the progress of establishment to meet the demand in the construction of railways, port loading and unloading bridges, oil pipelines and other facilities, in which the terminal has a design throughput capacity of 100,000 tons and a 830-meter long berth.

In 2017, the strategic reorganization of Zhuhai BD Petrochemical Company was completed.