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BD Shenghua Trade Group Co., Ltd. plays an important role in the process of the transformation and upgrading of BD Group. It has formed its own core competitiveness by providing services for the entity economy and relying on them, coordinating different horizontal industries, being committed to establishing and maintaining the credit system of Trade Industrial Groups, and building good platforms of trade and financing.


Trade Industrial Groups sticks to the strategy of "trade plus finance" and gradually builds a three-in-one business mode of sales-financing- material supply through resources integration, industrial reconstruction and making the best of clustering industry.

Mass commodity trading platform

through which, the Group can research, plan and manage all trading businesses and capture high-level customers, trading products, strive to cultivate and optimize trade platform and accumulate good partners, encourage innovating business mode to realize more profitability.

Investment and financing platform

through which, the Group can realize the combination of industry & finance and innovate the financing mode to enhance the supply chain finance, and give full play to the resource superiority of the trade platform as the main task to highlight a more distinctive trade background system. In the golden age of booming development in the district, it focuses on the high technology market, takes the lead in the layout of new financing network and provokes a long-term strategic cooperation with many financial institutions, consolidates the position of the industry and strives to be a leader in the trade field.

Material procurement platform

through which, the Group can establish centralized procurement process, and gradually establish and improve the whole Group's centralized procurement management system through acting as BD Group's bulk general material procurement function.


    The primary management mode of the Group is the combination of strategic control and operation management control forming an operation control system of "3-level investment and 2-level management", an internal shared business platform having been set up, and its headquarters have played the role of overall management, allocation, guidance and supervision of the company.


    In the future, the Trade Industrial Group will continue to adhere to the "pursuit of excellence" management concept and take the Group industry as the carrier, to establish a supply chain system which is closely linked and developed with other groups of the Group under the financial vision; to improve the collectivized operation system and risk control system further; to improve the corporate governance structure and build an overall organizational capability to support strategic landing and long-term development; to give full play to the advantages of capital, mechanism and strategic environment; to promote business transformation and create long-term, sustainable core competitiveness.