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BD New Energy Group Co., Ltd. has actively carried out researches on new energy industries and utilization projects such as photovoltaic, power batteries, energy storage and geothermal resources while making great efforts in the construction of LNG receiving station on the basis of LNG clean energy.

The LNG receiving station project has been formally listed in the National Natural Gas “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” “Long-term Development Plan for Oil and Gas in Shandong Province (2016-2030)”, as a key project in Yantai City. This project shall be carried out in two phases. Phase I shall reach the annual capacity of 1 million tons after construction in 2020, while Phase II shall reach the annual capacity of 3.6 million tons in total in 2021.

BD New Energy Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd. lays a good foundation for the future completion of the receiving station through carrying out natural gas trade, advancing the layout and seizing the natural gas market while propelling the development of LNG receiving station project.