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Warehouse and Logistics

BD Dagu Storage and Transportation Company can not only meet the requirements of its own storage and transportation, but also actively expand its business gradually into a large-scale warehousing and logistics company whose business is transnational and whole-area covered. Ningxia base has 3.3 million tons storage capacity of oil products and 500,000 tons of strategic reserve of crude oil at national level; and Xinjiang base has oil storage capacity of 1 million cubic meters; and Erenhot base in Inner Mongolia has crude oil storage capacity of 4.08 million cubic meters. At the same time, a commercial inventory project of 5 million tons per year is under preparation.
There are three hazardous chemical delivery stations connecting Baotou-Lanzhou, Taiyuan-Zhongwei (Yinchuan) and other major railways which owned by the production base of BD Group in Ningxia. With the railway transportation capacity reaching 13 million tons per year, the base has planned to build a railway with an annual handling capacity of 3.8 million tons and a long-distance pipeline of 11 kilometers in Xinjiang production base.
There are 157 large-scale tank trucks for hazardous chemicals owned by Ningxia production base.