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Corporate Culture


To Turn the Black Petroleum Into ‘Green’ Energy Resources; To Make ‘Green’ Resources an Integrated Part of the Blessing Life.

To Build BD Petrochemical Into the National Petrifaction and the Pyramid of Private-owned Petrifaction Around the World.


To Strive for National Rejuvenation and Prosperity, Regional Development and the Happiness of Employees.


To Repay Our Country with Competitive Industry; To Benefit all People with Job Opportunities; To Promote Education to Serve the Whole Society; To Enhance Innovation with Science and Technology.


Integrity and Honesty as the Root; Devotion as the Essence; Diligence as the Origin; Virtue-centered as the Moral; Humility as the Way; Harmony-valued as the Bridge; Efficiency First as the Core.


To Care for all the Staff and Allocate Tasks Flexibly; To Emphasize Work Efficiency and Be Strict in Management; To Cut Down Costs and Streamline Procedure; All the Managers and Common Staff are Equal and Senior Executives Shall Have a Rigid Sense of Discipline in Their Jobs; To Improve Efficiency and Be Prudent in Accounting; To Prioritize Security in Production and Management; To Prioritize Harmony in Both Internal and External Environment; To Prioritize Quality in Products and Services; To Prioritize Performing Order in Supply and Sale; The Whole Team Shall Take on Responsibility; Together in Difficulties and Harsh Occasions.