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Social Responsibility

The corporate mission is to repay our country with competitive industry, benefit people with job opportunities, promote education to serve the whole society and enhance innovation with science and technology. From above statement, it is not difficult to see that Sun Hengchao, a Chinese intellectual, holds the pure belief of "serving the country as his responsibility and regarding the people as the core".

In the past twenty years, BD Group has actively taken on social responsibility and actively participated in the non-profitable causes in the western minority areas, such as promoting education, providing public services, helping the poor, donating for disaster-hit areas, committing to ecological restoration, benefiting people with employment and so on.


Yinchuan University is a non-profitable educational unit founded by BD Group with an investment of more than 2 billion yuan. As an educator, Sun Hengchao has been putting great importance on relieving poverty with education. Since 2001, the "BD Scholarship" “BD Grant” has been set up in Yinchuan University to help the students with financial difficulties to complete their study process. By the end of 2017, 6,291 students had been rewarded, and the Group had given out substantial grant amounting to 3,277,300 yuan. Among which, 4,429 outstanding students were awarded, 2,272,900 yuan BD scholarships were awarded, 1,862 poverty-stricken students were subsidized, and 1,004,400 yuan grant was given out. Over the past years, they have been persisting in directing the enrollment and cultivation for students in the poverty-stricken minority areas in the southern part of Ningxia, providing paid internship positions and prioritizing the work to cultivate more than 10,000 skilled practical talents in ethnic minority areas, creating more than a thousand employment and assisting students in employment.


BD Group was a pioneer in the establishment of the "China Red Ribbon Fund", "Chinese Private Enterprise Research Institute", " China Siyuan poverty alleviation Project Fund of BD Poverty Alleviation Fund". The Group has established a complete fund operation institution and put 15 million yuan into the fund, donated 200 ambulances to 11 provinces’ (or autonomous regions) poverty-stricken areas in the country. And donated about 8,000,000 yuan to the "the Ningxia Summit of the World's Top 500 Leaders" and the "50th Anniversary Celebrations in the Ningxia “, "the Cultural Public Welfare Activities of the Cultural Relics Restoration in Xixia District". The Group has been actively participating in the activity of ‘Joint army-civilian efforts’ and the "Double Support Model City" activities, with a donation of about 2 million yuan. The Group participated in "Hope Primary School" and other teaching assisting activities for many times, paid attention to and support the public welfare, helped the Ningxia government to relieve the "oil shortage", kept the oil market price stable, and provided the active carbon and other materials needed for the "Songhua River Pollution Disposal "with no charges. As a petrochemical enterprise, it has voluntarily undertaken the emergency disposal of fire and disaster prevention in Ningdong energy chemical base in Ningxia. It has raised funds and set up Ningdong energy chemical base social emergency disposal center with relevant departments.


BD Group, participated in the poverty relief work in the southern mountain area of Ningxia and Zhongwei City, donated nearly 4 million yuan to the construction of the infrastructure of schools. The Group donated about 10 million yuan for the people in difficult situation. A mutual aid fund among workers was set up to help workers with serious illness, difficulties in life and grant of accidents by about 3 million yuan. The Group purchased both the Yinchuan Tractor Factory when it was on the verge of collapse, and the Guangxia Activated Carbon Plant, as well as the Xibei Bearing Company which is facing retreat in market and large-scale redundancy. And it invested 1.3 billion yuan to carry out new technology and transformation in products respectively, so that more than 3,000 workers are exempt from lay-off and unemployment, meanwhile, it gave out 80 million yuan compensation for the transfer and resettlement and the distribution of staff and workers. At the same time, these three enterprises revitalized and become modern enterprises in equipment manufacturing and activated carbon industry. Sun Hengchao was awarded the "Advanced Individual of National Unity and Progress" twice.


For years, BD Group has contributed both money and materials amounting to 30 million yuan to grave natural-disaster-hit areas, such as "the disaster of freezing rain and snow in 2008", "the Wenchuan earthquake", "the Yushu earthquake" and so on. Sun Hengchao was awarded the "Ten Charity Figures in Ningxia" and was awarded “the Award of Charity in the Petrochemical Industry".


BD Group has been committing to environmental friendly ecological economy and energy conservation and emission reduction for a long time, at the same time, it has paid 220 million yuan to build 100, 000 acres of agricultural and forestry ecology and the replacement base of industrial carbon emissions, and reconstructed some ecological wetlands, such as Hequan Lake, Rhino Lake and Tianhe Lake.


During the past 20 years, BD Group has created and maintained 15,000 job opportunities, among which more than 5,000 laid-off workers from state-owned enterprises were taken in and resettled, and more than 4,000 veterans were trained to be resettled and self-employed. The Group was awarded as the "National Advanced Enterprise in Employment Affairs” by the State Council. Facing the major challenges and pressure in the 2008 financial crisis and the slow economic growth of the country in the past three years, BD Group insisted on the principle of no lying off staff and no reducing wages. The Group constantly improved the salary and welfare system for employees, closely relying on the staff and workers and built workers' residential buildings in Ningdong production base, and all of its production bases have equipped staff and workers' dormitories, canteens, cultural sports centers and so on with complete facilities and cozy surroundings.